Lodging Application
“The Texas Fire Fighters Home provides free, temporary housing (from three days up to three months) for firefighters/first responders or a member of immediate family who are receiving medical treatment at any of the medical care facilities in the Texas Medical Center area here in Houston, Texas.

Being accepted as a guest of TFFH is a multi-step process, as follows:

  1. Read the FAQ’s 
    (CLICK HERE to open the FAQ)
  2. Complete and submit the Lodging Application with the following supporting documents:

          * Copy of Work ID of Firefighter/First Responder
          * Copy of Driver’s License of Firefighter/First Responder
          * Signed copy of Immediate Care Apartments Policies,
             Requirements and Guest Agreement
             (CLICK HERE to download the agreement)
          * Disclosure Questionnaire
             (CLICK HERE to download the Disclosure Questionnaire)
          * Patient Diagnosis Release
            (CLICK HERE to download the Diagnosis Release)

  3. Complete Phone Interview with the Immediate Care Scheduling Manager (who will call you within 48 hours of receipt of the Lodging Application) Once assigned to an apartment, you may pay the cleaning fee on-line or pay by check at check-in

  4. Pay the $130 cleaning fee (Once assigned to an apartment, you may pay the cleaning fee on-line by CLICKING HERE or pay by check at check-in).

Note:  Submission of this Lodging application does not guarantee a reservation for one of the apartments.   You will be contacted by our Immediate Care Apartment Scheduling Manager within 48 hours of the preliminary application being submitted.

We want to hear from you. Contact us!

Call us at
713-594-6305 for information pertaining to accommodations;
or 281-693-7162 or 713-819-6281 for general information

Our Info

Texas Fire Fighters Home
P.O.Box 541905
Houston, TX 77254
(281) 693-7162

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